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Why Use Healthy Building Materials?

When performing any sort of construction or building repairs it is important, now more than ever, to consider the environmental impact they might have. It is also important to consider the impact they may have on the occupants of the buildings.

The research into building materials has advanced significantly in the last few decades with evidence coming to light of building materials containing chemicals that can be hazardous to human health.

Healthy building materials are simply materials that don’t pose a risk to the health of the people exposed to them. We try to ensure our products are not only practical for their purpose but also, due to their lime composition, are healthy.

Lime Plaster
Lime plaster is an important step to finishing any interior and products like our Onecoat Lime Plaster and even our Solo Filler are high quality lime plaster products. This means they are made from a natural substance with outstanding breathability allowing any moisture to escape quickly and easily, helping to create healthier rooms and a better living condition.

Natural Insulation for Healthy Homes
Insulation is important when constructing homes and offices. It keeps the occupants of the building warm in the winter and cool in the summer whilst reducing heating costs. Using natural products like our Warmshell Woodfibre Boards is a great way of insulating using healthy building materials.

WoodFibre Insulation
Our woodfibre boards are made from waste sawdust from sustainable FSC accredited forests and are totally free from formaldehyde and other biocides, so there’s no concern of any harsh chemicals causing health issues.

Lime Render
Our traditional Lime Renders are used to finish external walls and provide a surface on which to add a decorative finish. They are made from natural, lime-based material, that provides a high level of durability whilst posing no threat to human health from harsh chemicals. This makes them the perfect choice for someone wanting to use healthy building materials.

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