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Four Gardens at RHS Chelsea 2024

Lime Green Supplies FOUR Show Gardens at RHS Chelsea 2024.

The RHS Chelsea Flower Show is undoubtedly the event of the year for growers, landscape designers and contractors.  We are delighted to be supplying material for not one but four show gardens this year.

We’ve sent more than 20 tonnes of mortar to site for use on three incredible designs. 

Thirteen tonnes of our Lime Mortar, in the Harnage colour have been supplied for the St James’s Piccadilly, ‘Imagine the World to be Different’ garden designed by @robertmyerssassociates and constructed by @stewartlandscapes.


The show garden pays homage to the revitalising influence of urban green spaces, symbolising a message of hope and recovery while igniting the imagination of future generations to envision a different world.

Upon entering through an archway reminiscent of the proposed gateways leading to the churchyard at St James’s Piccadilly.

A tranquil, introspective space, visitors can sit, stroll, and immerse themselves in the sensory delights of dappled shade, multi-layered verdant landscapes, soothing water features and a diverse selection of climate-resilient trees. There’s also a circular, sculptural timber counselling cabin that sits among the foliage.

Lime Green mortar is being used on the walls of the garden as well as for the miniature church structure.

The garden is part of the Giving Back Project this year and the garden will be relocated to the grounds of the church once the show is over for the benefit of the whole community.


Seven tonnes of our Chalk coloured lime mortar are being used of The Bridgerton Garden designed by Holly Johnson and constructed by @stewartlandscapes.  However like the very best plot twist that’s never revealed – our lime mortar won’t be on show – but it is being used as a structural element for a key part of the design, the moongate (see below for details).


The Bridgerton Garden is a secretive and secluded space, based on Penelope Featherington, a wallflower-like character from Netflix and Shondaland’s upcoming series of Bridgerton.Designed to reflect Penelope’s personal journey, the garden’s initial focus is a moongate which leads to an ornate water feature and sunken seating area in the heart of the garden.

The moongate can be seen as a portal into that person’s personal journey – and the ensuing garden shows the remarkable and personal transformative power of growth.   A shaded space down one half of the garden alludes to themes of mystery, turmoil and defiance; layers of groundcover, ferns and ivy are intended to represent a woven network of secrets. In contrast, the other half of the garden graduates to a brighter palette of sophisticated colours. This ‘full bloom’ effect is symbolic of Penelope’s embracing of her true self and coming into the light. A curving path culminates at the back of the garden where an inscribed sculptural monolith symbolises change. The return journey guides past an armillary sphere and through brighter planting back to the moongate.


We’ve also supplied structural lime mortar for The Stroke Association Garden, designed by Miriam Harris with construction by our friends who we worked with last year @landformUK @markgregorylandscaper


This garden has been designed as a peaceful, sensory space to support stroke recovery. Sculptural Pinus sylvestris and Pinus Mugo trees symbolise resilience in the face of stroke trauma; their anthropomorphic shapes offer a comforting alternative structure to the built environment of a hospital, their scent, a transportive effect.

The walls are being built with hemp blocks and our Chalk coloured mortar, which will then be rendered.Colour, fragrance and the sound of water provide soft way-finding for those with visual or mobility impairments, while a biodiverse matrix of native and non-native plants are chosen to meet the demands of different planting conditions in the garden.The concept and material choices of the garden have all been inspired by the designer’s own experience of surviving a stroke and the stories of other people who have been affected by stroke.

After the show, the garden will be reconfigured as a permanent garden for the Stroke Unit at Chapel Allerton Hospital in Leeds. 


Sustainability is key in The Killick & Co ‘Money Doesn’t Grow on Trees’ Garden designed by Baz Grainger @thelandscapetailor with construction by @landformUK @markgregorylandscaper


The Killik & Co garden is a scented, immersive haven in which to relax and unwind. The design creates a supportive environment for families to talk and spend time together over a lifetime.A path of limestone and oak pavers winds through the garden and is wide enough to encourage conversation while walking together.  It leads to a central water well that is fed by an aqueduct running along the top of a limestone and steel pergola that shelters a communal dining area, perfect for family gatherings.  

The walls again are made from hemp with a lime mortar bedding from Lime Green.


The Chelsea Flower show runs from 21 May to 26 May - for more details click here.



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