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Bagging shed tender

Job Ref 0014  
Value (approx.)
£ 40,000 to £60,000
Planned Start Date 3rd August 2020  
Planned Finish Date
27th September 2020  
Deadline date for submission of completed tenders 30th April 2020  
Summary of opportunity
The project is for the supply and erection of a steel frame extension to an existing steel framed building. Works are to include for foundations, concrete floor slab and a mezzanine floor.
Opportunity details
A free tip for disposal of excavation arisings will be provided within 1 mile of the site. The structural design of the steel frame has been carried out by the Client but the details, connections etc., will be the responsibility of the tenderer. The contract will be carried out under; JCT:Minor Works Sub-Contract with sub-contractors design. The Client will be the main contractor.
  a) Price 80%
  b) Experience and skills 20%
  c) Financial standing


Evaluation / Selection criteria
d) Employers and Public liability insurance


  e) Health and safety arrangements


  f) Availability Pass/fail
   For the specification/Invitation to tender please contact Mike Cooperthwaite on the contact form  


Keywords: Bagging shed tender

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