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Stone Repair

Our range of repair materials let you fix and re-create brick and stone with an authentic, natural look.

Contour, a high quality, carvable mortar for "plastic" repair is perfect for near invisible patching of spalled or damaged masonry. Even after it has set it can be carved and sanded like real stone. Silic8 PS1 can be used to solidify and stabilise stone or brick beforehand. 

As with all our products, both have outstanding breathability, water doesn't get trapped within walls but can escape quickly and easily, so bricks and stone stay sound.

For more information about our repair mortars, get in touch with the Lime Green technical team now.

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News, knowledge & case studies

The Lime Green team can help you find the right product for your project – from a wide range of lime plasters, lime mortars, and lime renders.

For example, we offer a range of guides and technical datasheets to help you make the best choices.

And, if you want more background, you can get it – like the essentials of lime chemistry, the difference between hydraulic and hydrated lime, how to achieve the best finish, and so the list goes on...

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