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The Benefits of External Wall Insulation

External wall insulation is a solid wall insulation system that is fitted to the external walls of a domestic home that insulates and protects the wall from the elements. Once this insulation is fitted, it is covered with render cladding to give the insulation durability and an attractive appearance. This render cladding is available in a range of finishes:

  • Textured,
  • Traditional stone appearanced,
  • Low-maintenance thin coated.

Whilst it may sound like a lot of work, it is well worth it due to the many benefits it offers you and your home:

Lower Fuel Bills
External wall insulation (EWI) is designed to reduce the amount of heat escaping your home, meaning that you can not only heat your home faster, but keep it warmer for longer. Reducing the amount you need to spend on heating your home.

Protect Your Home
EWI protects the home’s structures and waterproofs against damp.. No more worrying about water getting in and damaging your walls.

Make Your Home Attractive
Whether you are looking to mimic the existing façade on your home or completely remodel it, with the wide range of finishes available on EWI the choice is yours. Create a home that not only keeps the warm in, but reflects your personality.

Reduce Your Carbon Footprint
Due to the reduced need to have your heating on for longer, therefore using less fuel and energy you are helping to reduce carbon emissions.

Less Disruption During Installation
EWI has less of an impact on your everyday life when being installed than internal wall insulation, as you are still able to use the rooms. The only disruption may come from the scaffolding outside the home, but as this insulation goes on the external walls your room sizes won’t be affected.


Warmshell External Insulation by Lime Green

Warmshell external insulation is a highly effective EWI (External Wall Insulation) system using wood fibre, or a choice of other boards, that is fitted to the outside of your property – making it significantly warmer and more comfortable to live in.

The EWI by Lime Green has three main components:

  1. Insulation boards – in a choice of thicknesses and types
  2. Specialist fixings – to suit the specifics of your building
  3. Traditional lime render – in a range of colours and textures

With no internal disruption or redecoration needed after installation, your wood fibre insulation will achieve the highest standards of thermal efficiency in a way that suits your home and your budget.

Our renders are so good at resisting stains and the build-up of mould, your property will look great for decades to come. And, to help you make your choice, we can always provide sample bags to help decide on the texture, colour and style of render finish you want.

Achieve the level of installation you require to keep your home warm, whilst getting the external look you want for your property. Enquire about how our Warmshell external wall insulation can help you achieve the results you are after!

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