Frequently Asked Questions

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What are the lead times on your products?
Our fast selling lines are available from stock. All other products are made to order & are usually available within five to seven working days from order confirmation.

What are your opening times?
Monday to Friday 8:30am until 5:00pm

Where is my nearest stockist?
We have a network of regional stockists, once we know your postcode and the product(s) that you are interested in we will put you in touch with them.

What is the difference between hydraulic and hydrated lime?
Hydraulic limes (so called because they set under water) are made in the same way as non-hydraulic lime but using different limestone. They are sold as hydrated lime and have an initial set when water is added, followed by hardening while they absorb carbon dioxide.

Hydrated lime simply means that a controlled amount of water is added to quicklime to make a powder that is more stable and safe to handle.  Please take a look at our knowledge base for more detailed information:

Can I add anything to the pre-mixes to change the colour?
Colour pigments can be added to some of our premix products. We have an extensive range of pre-coloured mortars and renders produced consistently to a high standard.

What is the difference between a pass and a coat?
A coat is a layer of plaster or render that is left to set and harden into one solid mass. A pass is the process of spreading some wet material onto the wall wet-on-wet without letting it set – so a coat may be applied in 2 or even 3 passes.

Do I need to add any sand, cement or anything else to your pre mixed products?
No, our premixed products are ready to use just with the addition of water.

Do you have a technical department?
Our technical team is among the best in the country with a reputation for providing friendly and reliable advice to help you find a suitable product for your project. If you are interested in knowing more about building with lime based materials please visit our knowledge base at or call us on 01952 728611

What time is your orders cut off for same day dispatch?
12 Noon.Can I buy your products online?
Lime Green does not sell any products online. We provide important technical advice on the application of all of our products and support a network of regional stockists who provide an excellent local service.

Can I plaster a fireplace with lime?
Yes, you can apply our Lime Green Ultra in a fireplace, taking care the masonry is not leaching tar or salts. Leave plenty of time before lighting the fire, at least 2 or 3 weeks.

How thick can I apply lime basecoat in any one go / for each pass?
The recommended thickness will depend on the product being applied.  In the case of our general purpose Duro lime base coat, the first coat should be applied between 9 to 12 mm thick directly to a prepared substrate.  A second thinner coat may be applied after the first coat has adequately cured. Follow this link for our range of base coats and plasters:

Can I apply lime plaster to damp internal surfaces?
Lime plaster must not be applied to a saturated surface or it may interfere with the bond. Our products like Ultra can be applied to damp backgrounds, but you should investigate the surface carefully and try and eliminate the source of the damp first.

Can I get a smooth finish with lime internal finishes?
Yes you can, however if you wish to retain the breathability offered by a lime plaster we would recommend that you complete the finish with a sponge to keep the surface open.

How many bricks high can I lay with pure lime mortar. Is it different than for cement mortar?
It depends very much on the circumstances.  Please refer to the NHBC guidelines on using lime mortar which provide helpful guidance for you or your engineer.

How much longer does lime mortar take to cure compared with cement mortar?
Typically 2 – 3 times longer, depending on the thickness and product being applied. You can see a full list of our Lime Mortars at:

Can you colour match mortar?
We always try to match mortar colours if we can. We have an extensive range of standard colours available and for a minimum production quantity we can supply other colours. View one of our Lime Mortars at: to see our standard colours, alternatively call us on 01952 728611 or Contact Us to discuss finding your perfect lime mortar colour.

Can you do mortar analysis?
On receipt of a sample and your testing criteria our lime lab will be pleased to analyse the material and advise you on the required testing. Please click on this link for details of the services offered by our Lime Lab:

Do I need any expansion joints with lime renders, as I need joints every 5m with cement?
The joints will need to be assessed by the building designer according to the background substrate and inserted where necessary. Lime mortars and renders have a good track history of requiring few joints. We have supplied walls up to one mile in length which had joints. You should seek advice from a qualified building designer or engineer.

Can I apply the same thickness of lime render as I would a cement render?
Yes you can, with the advantage that you are using an environmentally friendly material.

How long before I can apply the finish coat to a lime basecoat?
The base coat curing period ranges between 2 and 10 days depending on the product being applied, the thickness and the weather conditions.  
For product options visit:

Do lime finishes need painting?
If you choose a pre-coloured render from Lime Green no painting is required. Otherwise the Lime Green Motif or mineral silicate paint should be applied.

Do lime finishes need painting more often than cement finishes?
Not usually. The building location and local weather will determine the frequency of any painting.  The Lime Green pre-coloured renders can save significant amounts of time and money with a reduced need for maintenance and painting.

Warmshell Systems

Are lime systems breathable and flexible?
Yes, providing all the key components as in our Warmshell systems are natural & sustainable, they are breathable and flexible. Warmshell is 10 times more breathable than some systems promoted by other lime specialists.

Do your Warmshell EWI systems with lime render have a warranty?
Our Warmshell retrofit system designed for masonry and stone buildings has a materials warranty.

Can I use Warmshell External insulation on a Grade II building?
Unless the building is already rendered, you should consult your local planning office as the external appearance of the building will be significantly changed.

Has Warmshell been approved on listed buildings?
Yes, across the UK and on protected buildings in the Republic of Ireland.

Will I get the same heat performance with IWI as EWI?
You will achieve a lower heat performance from internal insulation due to the walls not being insulated externally.  IWI has “cold bridges” at uninsulated spots such as internal walls, which limit how much heat it can save. EWI insulates the whole wall, so is normally more effective.

Can I drill into your  Warmshell system to hold such items as TV or pictures?
Heavy items are fixed back to the underlying masonry using a stand off fixing such as Fischer Thermax.  There are dedicated fixings for most eventualities.

How long should I leave internal masonry walls to dry after I have removed wet plaster?
This will vary according to the time of year and the resulting internal & external temperature of the building.

How soon after application of IWI can I paint walls?
Motif lime paint can be applied within a few days. Other paints will require much longer, at least two weeks and for some walls it could be up to four weeks.

Do your IWI systems have a BBA or Fire certificate?
The Warmshell Internal insulation system has been independently fire tested and is Class B. We also have a Kiwa BDA 3rd party certification. The system can also have a Qualitymark insurance backed guarantee applied to your installation once it is complete, for a small fee.