Lime Green turns 21

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Since its formation in 2002, Lime Green has established itself as the UK's foremost manufacturer of hydraulic lime mortar, lime plaster and lime render.

By working with other companies and organisations, as well as through ongoing research and development in key areas such as product chemistry, environmental assessment and historic building maintenance, we continue to make our lime-based products even better.

"That's why our products are used on some of Britain's best-known historic buildings and ecological developments, as well as smaller projects and individual self-builds."

Lime Green's State of the art mixing plant

Continuing over 500 years of lime production on Wenlock Edge, the UK’s leading manufacturer of lime based mortars, renders and plasters, Lime Green recently completed the construction of our state of the art mixing plant. The building frame required over 150 tonnes of steel.  Twenty three storage silos holding over 600 tonnes of raw materials provide the capacity for a daily manufacturing output of approx. 100 metric tonnes. A sophisticated software system ensures highly accurate computer-controlled batching of ingredients for all lime-based products.

"I like what you have done and I have no doubt that this brave investment will benefit and secure your business well into the future."

Joe Orsi of Orsi Contini Consultants,
Historic Buildings Specialist

Precise weighing and mixing

Co-founder and Operations Director James Ayres  “The plant is designed for very precise weighing and mixing, for some ingredients as accurate as 1 gram per tonne, which allows us to make a product with greater consistency over time whilst also improving efficiency in raw material and energy use. The bulk storage is cleaner and safer, as materials are contained in sealed, constantly monitored silos. This has also significantly reduced the amount of HGV traffic on and off the site, and eliminated a large amount of packaging waste.

The plant has a wide range of ingredients available on demand from the silos, everything from very traditional roman cement and limes through to modern low-carbon binders. This allows us to switch between products with ease to meet short lead times, a real concern for many contractors in the industry.”

Mixing Plant Build Video

Quality Mortar

Our products are based on historic recipes.

Careful formulation combined with our quality assurance checks gives you peace of mind when using our lime mortars, render and plasters

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To complement our range of products for the building and construction sector, we offer a high quality consultancy service to help you get the most from our products, together with advice on how best to incorporate them into any existing building

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But, to help you on your way, we also offer training, and can put you in touch with a wide network of system-trained installers.

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