Lime Green turns 21

LG21: Will Kirkman from Ecomerchant Q&A

The most important change in the market over the last 20+ years

Over the past two decades, the sustainable building materials market has undergone a remarkable transformation. The most significant change in this industry has been the widespread shift towards embracing eco-friendly and sustainable building practices.

This transformation has been fuelled by a heightened global awareness of environmental concerns, particularly in the context of climate change. Consequently, there has been a growing demand for materials and products that not only reduce environmental impact but also lower energy consumption, thereby promoting sustainable construction practices. It's important to note that these changes are more pronounced in our specific sector, as they contrast with the developer sector where compliance and minimum standards are often exceeded by our customers who choose Lime Green products.

Another noteworthy change is the evolving landscape of the refurbishment and renovation sector, which is increasingly recognizing the performance and benefits of lime products, especially for older and historically challenging buildings. This shift is coupled with a growing acknowledgment of the importance of building physics in understanding how structures behave, leading to greater specification and adoption of natural materials.


How long have you been working with Lime Green?

We are proud to have maintained a strong and enduring partnership with Lime Green for over 17 years. This long-standing collaboration underscores our unwavering commitment to providing our clients with top-quality sustainable building materials and solutions.


What attracts you and your clients to Lime Green products?

In short, they are simple-to-use engineered products that work. Lime Green products hold a special place in our product lineup due to their exceptional useability and sustainability features. These products are appealing to both us and our clients for several compelling reasons. They are straightforward to use, consistent, reliable, and high-performance, making them an easier sell, especially given their resemblance to the usability of gypsum products. Moreover, the inherent aesthetic qualities of lime further enhance their appeal and ensure a broader adoption.

Lime Green is widely recognized for its steadfast commitment to environmentally responsible practices, resulting in low embodied carbon materials and minimal waste generation. These qualities perfectly align with our core values and our clients' aspirations for sustainable construction solutions. Additionally, Lime Green products offer outstanding performance, which is crucial for the success of our clients' projects. Furthermore, they contribute to healthier indoor environments, effectively addressing key concerns in modern construction projects.


What type of projects are you using Lime Green Products on?  

We primarily serve as suppliers, and it's our customers who undertake various projects. The increasing year-on-year sales of Lime Green products reflect their popularity. These products have found their way into a diverse range of projects, spanning residential, commercial, heritage restoration, and conservation efforts. Lime Green's versatile product portfolio allows us to tailor solutions to meet the unique requirements of each project, whether it involves lime mortars, plasters, or systems like IWI and EWI.


Tell us something about your business we may not know?

In addition to our dedication to providing quality building materials, we take great pride in being an independent employee-owned business. What may not be widely known is that we annually contribute a significant dividend to a charity in Burkina Faso. Through this charitable initiative, we actively support and run a school for blind and orphaned children in the region, reaffirming our commitment to making a positive impact beyond our business operations.




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