Lime Green turns 21


Lime Green is celebrating 21 years in business.  We’ve come along way since 2002 in terms of scale and production, but our aims have always been the same to make it easier for the trade and homeowner to get hold of lime products and to make their use both simple while retaining performance.

 Over the years we’ve introduced real game changing products such as our One Coat Solo plaster while still offering traditional materials too.  Its why we’re trusted by thousands of trades people, specified by hundreds of architects and used by many, many historic and modern projects.

Solo Lime Plaster. Image from Communion Architects

Solo One Coat Plaster: Image from Communion Architects 


Our ethos has always been to preserve old building and encourage the use of natural materials in new builds. Longevity isn’t just important from a historical point of view, its essential in ensuring buildings remain viable, cutting carbon emission through locking in embodied carbon and reducing the use of raw materials.

Retrofit has become a buzz word of late and we are totally on board.  We’ve been involved with wood fibre insulation since 2010 and as part of research with our friends SPAB ensured building regulations were changed to ensure old buildings were treated with care, respect and used the right materials when it came to insulation.

 2017 we built a new state of the art production plant.  This was a long-term project and we’re happy to report the final phase – a new mixer and new mini mixer came on stream in October.  This means more efficient production times and an ability to produce much smaller quantities without using the main production line.

Thank you to all our stockists, customers, and collaborators over the last twenty-one years. 

To mark the occasion, we’ve spoken to several of you, who have kindly shared your thoughts on the way the industry has changed since 2002 and what you see as its biggest challenges and opportunities ahead.


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We've spoken to customers and industry bodies about the changes they've seen in the industry over the past 20 years, and their experiences with Lime Green and it's products.

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