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Lime Buying Guide

Lime Buying Guide - "a successful choice"

Lime Green hydraulic lime products are available directly from us or from your local Lime Green distributors in a dry pre-packed format utilising Natural Hydraulic Lime (NHL) as the main binder. Before deciding on a product, please ensure that you have taken into account both the "features and benefits" versus the "uses and constraints" of the lime based product in question. Assistance is given in making an informed choice which can be substantiated with written instructions as well as specification advice to National Building Standards (NBS). Technical Data Sheet (TDS) and Safety Data Sheet (COSHH) are always available so please retain these for reference.

If advice is required on the basics of understanding topics such as lime chemistry, the difference between hydraulic and hydrated lime, etc. then refer to your local Lime Green distributor for a series of educational guides.


Site Checklist - Main Contractor and Sub Contractor

The site checklist is intended as a starting guide to the successful application of NHL based lime products. This should be read and understood in its entirety as it contains information on handling, desirable weather conditions, protection advice, preparation and application. As far as possible the operations involved are in sequence and reflect normal site practice.

Aspects of the recommendations laid out in the Codes of Practice, BS EN 1996 Euro Code 6 for Masonry and BS EN 13914 for lime render; reflect the guidance given in this checklist. Extensive experience in the historic restoration market has greatly influenced our working instructions. Do not hesitate to contact your local Lime Green distributor for further advice on specific details within your project.

Your local Lime Green distributor can also be contacted for details of a recommended applicator in your area. It is ultimately the client's responsibility via other parties in the contractual chain to satisfy themselves that work undertaken is priced accordingly and achieved within an agreed timescale to an acceptable standard.

You may wish to contact more than one competent company to obtain fair representation.

Sample Checklist - Architects and Clients

A cured sample of lime mortar or lime render with a scraped finish can be supplied upon request. This will help to give an initial impression of the product colour and surface texture. However, this sample should only be taken as a secondary reference against material actually applied on site. This is due to the sample being produced under factory controlled conditions that do not reflect all the variations of site application. This difference can be most noticeable due to suction from behind due to the substrate, and / or drying conditions to the front from the sun, wind etc.

It is for this reason that we recommend the application of a site test panel before commencing lime render or lime mortar application. This lime mortar or lime render should be applied in a location where it is retained until completion of the project. Further discussion can be found in Technical Note B1.The test panel should be approved by all parties and will be a reference for the finished style and appearance..

When choosing an external wall insulation system; such as our Warmshell system, the site test panel should consist of a complete build up. This will include the choice of insulation board with its appropriate mechanical fixings, insulation trim, render beading and lime render.

To find out more about any of our products or build systems, and how you can use them effectively, call Lime Green today on 01952 728611 or email us and we'll be happy to answer your questions.

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