Our Silic8 range of primers and adhesives is unique. Unlike most, we don’t rely on acrylics or resins to make these products stick and bind to your wall. Instead, we use Water Glass, an extraordinary liquid that is completely mineral, just like lime.

And just like lime, our Silic8 primers and adhesives are very breathable, very durable and completely incombustible. Those aren’t the only benefits, though, as Silic8 primers are free from VOCs and odours for a healthier home. All of the products are independently tested to check they are vapour open, so you can be confident you won’t find trapped damp and moisture. We also have adhesives and primers that are tested and certified as non-combustible to ISO standards, for commercial buildings and similar projects.

If you’re going to expense and trouble or re-plastering or rendering in lime, don’t use plastic primers, use Silic8 mineral primers. If you need guidance or help with application, testing bond strengths or anything else, contact one of our team of experts.


 Some typical substrate types:

  • Masonry backgrounds
  • Historic or new plasters (lime, cement or gypsum)
  • Wood, and wood type boards
  • Insulation systems
  • Terracotta and some ceramic tiles and paints


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The Lime Green team can help you find the right product for your project – from a wide range of lime plasters, lime mortars, and lime renders.

For example, we offer a range of guides and technical datasheets to help you make the best choices.

And, if you want more background, you can get it – like the essentials of lime chemistry, the difference between hydraulic and hydrated lime, how to achieve the best finish, and so the list goes on...

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