Why Choose a Warmshell Woodfibre Insulation System?

At Lime Green, we have developed a natural, breathable insulation system to ensure a safe and comfortable home. 

When you’re looking to invest in an insulation system, you want to know that it's going to do its job for as long as you need it to. Ensuring minimal heat loss can really make a difference to your home, and to your bills! 

There are several reasons why woodfibre may be the right solution for you. Read more about these reasons below:


It’s Renewable 

Wood fibre is a renewable source of insulation so is ideal if you are looking to use something that is better for our environment in the long term. As well as being sustainable, wood fibre insulation is 100% recyclable and compostable once it has come to the end of its life. 

Warmshell woodfibre boards are the intelligent insulation option which can buffer and store heat and moisture, keeping you warm and dry in winter and stopping overheating in summer.  


It’s  Breathable

Warmshell Woodifbre boards won’t trap moisture because they are highly breathable and exploit woods ability to wick and harmlessly move water. Made with waste sawdust from sustainable FSC accredited forests, they are the sustainable, low carbon option.

Compared to lightweight synthetic insulations, the density of Warmshell woodfibre allows phase-shift  to reduce summer overheating  as well as giving excellent sound deadening acoustic properties.  Warmshell doesn’t just save heat, it creates a comfortable, healthy indoor climate.


It’s Fire Resistant

Wood fibre boards can slow down the impact of a fire. This material smolders rather than burns so slows down the progress of the fire and gives people more time to get to safety. Lime Green insulation does not use harmful chemicals or gasses that would otherwise be released into the environment when burned. 

It’s affordable - compare our prices with any petrochemical-based alternatives, we think you’d be surprised!


Is it for External or internal use?


Our Warmshell exterior external wall insulation systems wrap around the exterior walls of brick, masonry or timber frame buildings, making them energy efficient, comfortable and healthy to live in. Alternatively, our systems are easily fixed to internal walls and ceilings so, if it isn’t possible to be fitted externally or you want internal insulation, this is the easy, energy efficient alternative.


How should wood fibre be stored?

Our insulation should be Stored dry in order to protect it from damage. Make sure that you render or cover within 3 weeks of installation. 


Can I use Warmshell for my property? 

Warmshell External insulation can be used for almost any type of property:

  • Brick, masonry, solid wood or timber frame buildings
  • Contemporary or traditional designs
  • New build or retro-fitted installations
  • Domestic or commercial premises
  • Hyper-insulated eco-homes or historic landmarks

Find out more about howHoulston Manor Bungalow was refurbished and sustainably weather-proofed using our Warmshell insulation system.

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