Lime Green turns 21

Hemp Lime Binder

is for making zero carbon hempcrete for insulating existing walls or building from new around a timber structure.

Mixed with hemp shiv our binder makes a warm, breathable and low-carbon mix that can be cast between shutters or sprayed using specialist machines.


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Hempcrete is made by mixing our Lime Green Hemp Lime Binder with hemp shiv (the woody stalk of the hemp plant) to make a low carbon, insulating concrete-like material. The fast growing hemp needs little in the way of agrichemicals, and the resulting hempcrete is thermally and acoustically insulating and highly breathable. Because the hemp locks up carbon as it grows it helps offset the carbon emissions from the binder, for a more sustainable way of insulating. We make Lime Green Hemp Lime Binder here in Great Britain from UK sourced materials, to minimise road miles and haulage.

Hempcrete is often used on irregular stone walls to insulate them, as it can be cast to perfectly fit to shape. It is also used for new build around a timber frame structure, where it provides an alternative to plastic and mineral wool insulations, but in either case its ability to insulate while also buffering, wicking and controlling moisture makes it a great choice for solid wall construction. The hempcrete wall can be finished internally by plastering with Lime Green Solo, or on the outside it can be rendered in 2 coats using Lime Green Duro and a coloured finished coat. Our Silicate Finish Render, gives a durable, breathable and low maintenance finish with a crisp modern look, or for a more traditional craft look you can use our coloured lime render Natural Finish.

Our Hemp Lime Binder comes in 2 versions: the standard Hand Cast Grade for mixing and casting by hand, and the Spray Grade for use through specialist mixer-pumps.  Once set, both will behave much the same, though the Spray Grade is whiter.

This product has been part financed by ERDF