Lime Green turns 21

Silicate Mineral Finish Render

An alternative decorative finish for Prepbond WP, this waterglass based product maintains the breathability and flexibility of lime while giving a crisper, more uniform appearance. Available in a wide range of colours.

Lime Green Silicate Render is a ready to use decorative final coat over the Warmshell external wall insulation system (with woodfibre boards or graphite EPS), and can also be used with the appropriate basecoat on masonry and other backgrounds. Due to its silicate-mineral binder, Lime Green Silicate Render has the breathability of lime, whilst being highly flexible and weather resistant.

Waterglass technology – durability through silicification

Lime Green Silicate Finish in combination with our Warmshell system offers the ideal properties for a healthy building. It offers low water absorption yet high vapour exchange, combined with excellent durability. Additional attributes are absolute light fastness and resistance to Ultra Violet light.

An effective self-cleaning effect results in pure bright facades - even after many years - free from dirt and algae.

This is made possible by the chemical process of silicification; the liquid product reacts to become solid silica, permanently fused to the sand in Prepbond WP. This results in a finish highly resistant to weathering, fire and Ultra Violet light. Lime Green Silicate Mineral render does not form a film that is “bonded” to the surface, but becomes part of the Warmshell render through silicification – the chemical reaction between our render and potash waterglass in the Silicate Finish.

This contrasts with conventional coatings which form films, such as synthetic dispersion or silicone resin emulsion finishes. In these a resin dries and bonds the material to the surface with the pigments and fillers. This produces a far less porous coating and an impermeable film unsuitable for natural insulation systems and solid walled buildings where breathability is paramount.

These film-forming coatings tend to become brittle when weathered, cracking and eventually spalling - a sign of the lack of interaction with the substrate. For ecological and economic reasons, from the point of view of building physics and durability film forming coating systems should be avoided on the Warmshell system.

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Available in 20kg tubs, ready to use in a wide range of colours.


Approximately 2.8kg to cover 1m2. A tub will cover around 7m2 on a suitably flat background.

Surface Preparation

Apply to Prepbond WP (or for masonry substrates Forte) after it is fully set and dried, allowing at least 10 days or 1 day drying per mm of thickness in the backing coat before application, whichever is the greater. The backing coat is levelled and finished with a plasterer’s lattice plane once it is set, removing any high spots or shiny laitance. Lime Green Silicate Render is also suitable for other backgrounds: please consult us for more details.

Mixing and application

Carefully stir up the full tub using a mechanical whisk. Do not add anything to the tub, but mix containers with different batch numbers to ensure consistency.  Apply with a stainless steel trowel at the minimum thickness possible while still fully covering the background. Work with a wet edge continuously across a full elevation, or until a natural stop line (e.g. a movement bead or a corner). Lime Green Silicate Render will need at least one worker per lift of scaffold to ensure simultaneous and uniform application. Finish with a stainless or plastic trowel, with a gentle motion to bring a consistent texture to the surface.

Weather and curing

Apply in temperatures between 8°C and 30°C (note this includes surface temperature. Render in direct sunlight can be substantially hotter than the air temperature). Do not apply in rain, strong wind or cold weather. Once applied protect from rain and rapid drying for 24 hours. 

Colours & Textures

Please note that colours on screen may vary from actual finishes.

Use this colour chart to narrow your choice of finishes then get in contact with us for your your colour samples.

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