Coarse Stuff Lime Putty Base Coat

A traditional lime putty-based undercoat plaster for masonry and lath.

Coarse Stuff Lime Mortar can be used for pointing stone and plaster undercoats, so is suitable for a wide range of projects including historic building renovations, and conservation work.

Unlike hard cement mortars, lime mortars have a natural elasticity, which allows them to absorb minor building movements. They are also a ‘breathable' mortar, meaning that moisture does not stay trapped in walls, creating a healthier and more natural living environment.

Our coarse stuff is carefully made from mature lime putty and selected aggregates, packaged in tubs or bulk bags it can be conveniently used in small amounts as required.

For a beautiful final finish to your walls,  Fine Stuff Lime Mortar is normally used as the final coat and to finish off our lime paint combines great looks with ongoing protection. Lime plasters are alkaline and therefore naturally anti-bacterial combating mildew and limiting the growth of moulds, it produces a lovely matt surface that reflects light subtly and weathers beautifully, without peeling and flaking.

If you would like more information on Coarse Stuff Lime Mortar, contact a member of the Lime Green team today.

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