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Pure Lime Grout

Pure Lime Grout is a masonry grout is for filling voids to strengthen, stabilise and consolidate historic walls without compromising breathability.

If you're working on or renovating historic walls, our Pure Lime Grout is a great method of strengthening and binding walls together, without trapping damaging moisture inside. Mixed to a slurry, our grout is poured into walls where it will flow to fill holes and cracks This is often used in combination with our repointing lime mortars to fix old walls. Please note, this is not a tiling or flooring grout.

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Data Sheet

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Data Sheet


Available in 25 kg bags. Shelf life 6 months from date of manufacture. Store in a dry area free from damp. Do not stack directly on the ground.


25kg yields approx 16 to 17 litres wet mixed grout. Approx 62 bags per m3 of grout.

Surface Preparation

Re-point masonry using a suitable mortar, (see our Natural Lime Mortar, in a choice of colours) leaving weep holes at regular heights. Pre wet the masonry by flushing with water to aid the flow of the grout.

How to Mix

Add approx 6 or 7 litres of clean water to a 25kg bag of grout and mix with drum mixer or drill and paddle. Mix until a thin easily pourable consistency is achieved. Do not allow to stand, use immediately. Specialist low pressure mixing pumps may also be used – please contact us for further information.

How to Apply

Carefully pour or pump the grout into the wall. Plug the weep holes with clay as the grout appears, to be re-pointed later once the Pure Lime Grout has set.