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Lime Green Prompt Mortar

A specialist mortar which combines the benefits of lime with the rapid set of Roman Cement. Suitable for building and pointing stone and brick in demanding situations.

Lime Green Prompt mortar is one of our ‘conservation mortars' used in the repair of historic buildings. As its name suggests, Prompt mortar sets rapidly, which makes it the perfect solution for those situations and climatic conditions where normal hydraulic lime mortar would take too long to go off. This, combined with its low strength, ease of use and long-life performance makes it a first choice for conservation work and restoration projects. It can also be used for repair of early proto-cements.

This fast set prompt mortar is available in a range of colours and can be supplied in 25kg sacks for ease of handling.

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Data Sheet

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Data Sheet

Prompt Mortar is a dry pre-bagged lime mortar made with natural hydraulic lime and Prompt Roman cement


  1. Walls breathe (vapour permeability)
  2. Low shrinkage (reduction of cracks)
  3. Excellent adhesion
  4. Maintains the mortar's low modulus of elasticity
  5. Fast set allowing work to continue in adverse condition
  6. Warm natural colour - light ochre
  7. Excellent sulphate resistance

Packing and availability

Available in 25kg paper bags 


Repointing: 20kg/m² stonework; 7kg/m² brickwork.

Per 1000kg: will lay 900-1200bricks.

Rendering:1 bag will cover 1.25-1.4m2 at 10mm thickness

All figures approx.


To a 25 kg sack add only 3.5 to 5 litres of clean water. Mix for 3 to 10 min.


Before pointing or building clean and remove all dust and loose material from joints and masonry, and adequately dampen dry or high suction surfaces. Pointing and building mortars should be finished the same day. Prompt / Lime mortars also require curing.


Prompt mortars do set rapidly, however always protect the mortar against the effects of drying winds, strong sunlight, rain and frost. In warm weather gently mist spray with water after application and cover if required with damp hessian sheets. In cool weather cover fresh mortar with protective

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Colours & Textures

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