Silic8 AF1 Adhesive

Silic8 AF1 is a water based mineral adhesive and primer specially designed for use with AeroGel fleece, boards or tiles. Silic8 AF1 adhesive can be used for priming and adhesion, typically mineral substrates, historic plaster, stone, brick etc.  Used in combination with Lime Green's penetrating solutions, AF1 adhesive bonds with substrates while remaining vapour open. It can be used in combination with our other Silic8 products. Patent pending. AF1 adhesive is available in 9kg or 20kg UN certified containers

AF1 adhesive is water-based, has no odour and is certified as non-combustible and vapour permeable. It is a natural mineral and water-glass adhesive and free from any other co-binders such as solvents, acrylic, gypsum and cement. Use to create a flexible, durable and non-combustible bond to adhere AeroGel fleece insulation to substrates prior to plastering and decorating.


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Substrates must be clean and dry and free from any loose material prior to application.

Test a small area for suitability with your specific materials before use*.

Do not use on contaminated surfaces, extreme environments or in any unusual circumstances. Do not store or use in extremes of temperature (below 5C or above 30C).

Protect surrounding surfaces, particularly glass.

Re-mix well before use.

Do not store, or use in temperatures below 5C or above 30C.

Application of untreated fleece

Apply a thin layer of adhesive to the back of the AeroGel Fleece.

Apply adhesive to the wall with a toothed trowel and press AeroGel firmly into position.*

Where plastering directly onto fleece, apply a thin layer of adhesive as a primer.**

Use appropriate fixings and mesh in large areas in accordance with individual specification or technical guidance.

On highly absorbent surfaces or where increased bond strength is required, a vapour open penetrating solution such as PS1/2 is recommended.


Use Lime Green Solo following instructions.  Avoid using plaster or finishing products with excessive water content with AeroGel systems.

Only use vapour open mineral paints with AeroGel systems.


Allow to dry completely before further application, plastering or decoration. Drying time is 12-36hrs depending on temperature, substrate and type of application.

Suitable vapour open plasters and mineral paints should be used.

Wash splashes, tools and brushes with water.

Dispose of all surplus material in accordance with your local regulations (EWC 06 02 99).

Cleaned tins are 100% reusable and recyclable.


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