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Silic8 AeroGel Adhesive

Silic8 AeroGel Adhesive is a water based mineral adhesive and primer, specially designed for use with aerogel fleece, boards or tiles. Silic8 AeroGel adhesive can be used for priming and adhesion, typically on mineral substrates, such as historic plaster, stone, bricks and similar materials.  Used in combination with Lime Green's penetrating solutions, AeroGel Adhesive bonds with substrates while remaining capillary and vapour open. 

Silic8 AeroGel Adhesive is water-based, has no odour and is certified as non-combustible and vapour permeable. It is a natural mineral and water-glass adhesive and free from biocides and any solvents, gypsum and cement. Use to create a flexible, durable and non-combustible bond to adhere aerogel fleece insulation to substrates prior to plastering and decorating.


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Aerogel IWI

Aerogel insulation is an ultra-thin option for insulating walls, reveals, jambs, window heads and other hard-to-treat areas in solid wall retrofit. As little as 10mm of aerogel blanket can halve the U value on a typical solid brick wall if it is installed correctly. Our adhesive is designed to be compatible with old walls which require retrofitting insulation, and can be used with lime plasters, renders and other breathable finishes. And unlike most adhesives which are made with polymers or epoxy resins, our Silic8 Range of products are mineral, which means they turn back into stone as they set, so when you use Silic8 AeroGel Adhesive you can be sure that it is not only fire safe and moisture safe, but one which doesn't contain biocides or toxic fire-retardants.

Combined with a Fire Class A aerogel blanket, and Solo One Coat Lime Plaster which is also Class A, it's possible to insulate walls without adding additional fire load to a structure.

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