Lime For Self-Build Projects

Because of its texture and finish, lime has long been the product of choice for self build projects looking for that 'traditional' look.

Lime has a lot more to offer than that, which is why it’s increasingly used by those who want a more contemporary effect.

And, with the growing emphasis on the environmental impact of construction, lime offers impeccable eco-credentials.

To start, lime-based products are more environmentally friendly than cement-based equivalents, taking much less ‘embodied energy' to produce, meaning much lower emissions.

Lime-based products can also be ‘enhanced' to make them even greener.

For  example, we incorporate recycled glass beads into our Ultra range of lime plasters and lime renders, to give them greater insulating qualities.  This, combined with the ability of lime's fine particles to seal the minutest of masonry cracks, improves thermal and energy efficiency.

So, it’s great for older, hard-to-heat buildings, whilst giving you extra insulation without the need to add to the wall thickness or lose internal space.

New As Well As Old-Builds

While our lime-based products are great for existing properties, they can also be used in new builds.

For example, if you are considering building your own property, our Warmshell insulation system can help you to create a home quickly and cost-effectively. It uses a combination of woodfibre insulating panels and lime render to bring greater thermal efficiency to standard timber frame construction – saving you time and money on your self-build project.

Although Warmshell was originally designed for new-builds, it can also be retro-fitted, making it the perfect solution for the renovation of older properties.

And, given the usability of our lime-based products, working with lime is no more difficult than other materials.

Product advice

To complement our range of products, we can advise on coverage, product application guides and estimates. Our network of distributors can also introduce you to local trades people who know our products, and provide product samples.

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Natural insulation

Our range of energy-saving internal and external Warmshell insulation systems is ideal for renovation projects, both large and small. Naturally breathable and extremely effective.

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Lime Buying Guide

Benefit from our expertise and specify the right products and techniques for your project.

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