Our lime mortar and lime grout can be used for bedding and pointing brick, block and stone in a wide range of projects including building renovations, conversions, conservation work and eco-friendly new-builds.

And because like all lime-based products they're ‘breathable', moisture within your walls can escape. Not only does that create a healthier and more natural living environment within, but structural brick and stone remain dry and sound.

  • Natural Lime Mortar

    A premixed general purpose lime mortar for building and pointing stone, brick and block. Av...
  • Prompt Mortar

    A specialist mortar which combines the benefits of lime with the rapid set of Roman Cement....
  • Pure Lime Grout

    A void filling product for strengthening and consolidating historic structures without comp...
  • Ashlar Lime Mortar

    A fine grained lime mortar for building and pointing tight joints in brick or stone. Availa...