The Lime Specialists

  • Lime Mortars

    Our lime-based mortars and grouts can be used for bedding and pointing brick, block and stone in a wide range of projects including conservation work and eco-friendly new-builds.

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  • Lime Plasters

    Lime-based plasters offer high performance coatings for internal walls. Our standard plaster is Duro, a high quality product for general purpose applications.

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  • Lime Renders

    Our range of lime-based external renders and decorative finish renders gives you the opportunity to enjoy the unique qualities of lime throughout your building project.

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  • Lime Insulation

    Lime Green render and insulations systems can be used on both new build and renovation projects either as an integral part of a timber frame construction or retro-fitted to older masonry properties.



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Lime Green

Lime Green is a leading UK supplier of high quality lime-based products for use in building conservation, renovation and development work.

Our ranges are highly comprehensive, so you can enjoy their unique benefits for the widest variety of internal, external and structural applications.

Whether you are after quick set lime mortar or binding grouts, breathable, eco-acceptable renders, beautiful lime plaster and stucco, or simply want to enjoy the subtle luminosity of a lime-painted finish, we have the product for you.

Mortars, renders & paints

Lime mortar, lime plaster, lime render and paints are all included in our range, as well as structural systems that deliver highly effective insulation, whether retro-fitted to older properties, or incorporated into new.

Through ongoing research in our 'Lime Lab', we're continually refining and developing products that make use of the unique qualities of lime to deliver high performance and a beautiful finish, even under the most challenging conditions.

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Lime is increasingly being specified not just for building conservation work or eco-builds, but also multiple site new-builds and one-off projects. So, whether you are a self-builder, tradesman or specifier, our product range has something to offer you.

Not sure which product to go for? Then take a look at What Do I Need? To find out how our mortars, plasters and renders can be used for different situations.