Guide To Using Lime Building Materials

Lime Green can help you find a product suitable for your project - including lime plasters, lime mortars and lime renders. To help with this we have a number of guides as well as Technical Data Sheet which are available to help you make an informed choice.

Below are links to further advice and guides on topics such as lime chemistry, the difference between hydraulic and hydrated lime and how to achieve the best finish etc.

Technical data sheets, Cosh sheets, Declaration of Performance (CE marking) and product videos can all be found on individual product pages.












 Education Guides

         What is Lime?

         Hydraulic or Hydrated?

         Building Regulations and Internal Insulation for Solid Walls


    Technical Notes For Renders

          Colour and Colour Consistency

          Background Preparation


    Technical Notes For Lime Plaster

          Plastering onto Laths




Lime Buying Guide

Help with choosing the right lime mortars, lime render or lime plaster for project

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New Build

Lime mortars and renders are increasingly being used in new construction; many of the benefits appreciated in historic buildings are just as important for new build too.

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Our range of lime products are ideal for conservation projects both large and small. Naturally flexible, they will accommodate minor building movements without the cracking and weakening that would occur with cement-based mortars.

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