Green building- lime based mortars, renders and plasters

The increasing interest in ‘green building', as well as a growing preference among many people for more individualistic properties, means that more and more home-owners, self-builders and renovators are looking at lime products as an alternative to standard cement-based products, particularly if they have concerns about the impact the production of these has on the environment.

So, as a tradesman, you are increasingly likely to be asked to undertake work where green building lime mortars, lime renders and lime plasters are being specified.

And a lack of familiarity with such products leads some contractors to pass up the opportunity for this kind of work, often because they believe lime products will be difficult to work with. However, our lime products are easy to use, very forgiving, and have a good workability, as well as delivering a superior finish. Just take a look at our video to discover how, in our lime mortars, lime renders and lime plasters, we've developed green building materials that offer the beauty and qualities of lime, but are easy to use.

What's more, lime products can be a cost-effective alternative to standard cement-based products, and not just for one-off builds and traditional renovation projects, but also larger contemporary developments, for which we can supply a range of functional and decorative products.

As efforts are made to raise the energy efficiency of our homes, the government's 'Green Deal' initiative is likely to add new impetus to the use of green building materials in environmentally conscious construction in the UK, at an even wider level.

This has led to the development of our Warmshell build system, which uses a combination of woodfibre insulating panels and lime render to bring greater thermal efficiency to standard timber frame construction - cost-effectively and with an even faster build time.

And though originally designed for new builds, the Warmshell system can also be retro-fitted to older properties quickly and economically, to add warmth and reduce energy bills.

To find out more about any of our green building materials or build systems, and how you can use them effectively, call us on 01952 728611 or email us and we'll happy to answer your questions.

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