To complement its range of Lime Plaster, Lime Mortar and Lime Render products for the building and construction sector, Lime Green offers a high quality consultancy service to help you get the most from any of our products, together with advice on how best to incorporate them into any existing building.

As part of this consultancy work we are able to offer:

• A mortar testing and matching service
• Thermal calculations for floors, walls and external wall insulation
• Specific training on the use of our products
• Inspections of existing lime plaster and ornate plasterwork
• Environmental consultancy by qualified technical staff
• General training in the use of lime products

If you would like to know more about our consultancy services, and how to use our Lime Plaster, Lime Mortar and Lime Render products, please contact us on 01952 728611 or email us.

Why Lime?

It is a common misconception that lime as a building material is somehow 'out of date', and that modern materials have superseded it.

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Our Lime Lab

Lime Lab is our research department, and the place where we create new products, improve existing ones and look for even better ways of using lime-based materials in building.

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Our range of lime products are ideal for conservation projects both large and small. Naturally flexible, they will accommodate minor building movements without the cracking and weakening that would occur with cement-based mortars.

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