Silic8 MF2 Filler


Silic8 MF2 is for fine filling of cracks, skimming and resurfacing of slight blemishes on lime plasters and similar backgorunds.  MF2 is highly breathable and ready to use, ideal for decorators and DIY-ers . Once it has set MF2 can be sanded to leave an ultra-fine finish. Patent pending.


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MF2 is water-based, has no odour and is non-combustible and vapour permeable. It is a natural mineral and water-glass filler adhesive and free from any other co-binders such as solvents, acrylic, gypsum and cement. MF2 Silic8 Filler can be used directly on substrates that contain silica or can be applied on non-silica substrates where PS1 penetrating solution is used.

Use to fill defects and cracks, or as a light duty adhesive to re-attach or repair plaster details, etc. The filler has excellent bond strength and is easy to sand or trowel to a finish.

The vapour open characteristics are classified as Class 1 (high)


MF2 can be applied with a trowel, spatula, pallet knife or tube applicator, according to circumstances.  Allow to cure for up to 36 hours depending on temperature and applied thickness. Do not overfill or use for large cracks (>5mm) or deep holes. Fill deep areas in layers for best results, allow to completely dry between layers.

Silic8 PS1 vapour open liquid penetrating solutionis recommended prior to application, especially on problematic or highly adsorbent surfaces.


Allow to dry completely before further application or decoration. Drying time is 6-36 hrs depending on temperature, substrate and type of application.  Decoration with vapour open paints such as mineral silicate paint is recommended. Wash splashes, tools and brushes with water. Dispose of all surplus material in accordance with your local regulations (EWC 06 02 99).