Warmshell Woodfibre Boards

Warmshell Woodfibre boards are the intelligent insulation option which can buffer and store heat and moisture, keeping you warm and dry in winter and stopping overheating in summer.  Warmshell wood fibre won’t trap moisture because they are highly breathable and exploit woods incredible ability to wick and harmlessly move water. Made with waste sawdust from sustainable FSC accredited forests, they are the sustainable, low carbon option for internal and external wall insulation. And unlike some insulations, our boards are totally free from formaldehyde and other biocides.

Compared to lightweight synthetic insulations, the density of Warmshell woodfibre allows phase-shift  to reduce summer overheating  as well as giving excellent sound deadening acoustic properties.  Warmshell doesn’t just save heat, it creates a comfortable, healthy indoor climate.

The boards can be used as part of our wall insulation system with Internal Plasters, or External Renders, which is availble with detailed guidance, system warranties and installation information.


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Store dry and protected from damage. Only install when dry. Stack no more than 4 pallets on top of each other. Render or cover within 3 weeks of installation.  Keep absolute moisture content to <13%


Only apply to dry backgrounds. Consult with your supplier for bespoke project fixing advice.  Before rendering or plastering do not allow to become saturated and ensure the absolute moisture content is no more than  13%. Render within 3 to 4 weeks of installation maximum. When used as a sarking board ensure the Warmshell Woodfibre is covered with ADB membrane immediately after installation.  Compatible renders and plasters are available from Lime Green.

 For further information regarding Warmshell Woodfibre Insulation, get in touch with a member of the Lime Green team today.