Woodfibre for External Walls

Woodfibre insulation boards for external wall insulation (EWI) are the breathable, sustainable option. We supply these as part of our BBA approved Warmshell EWI system, along with the other components and information you need to succesfully insulate your building. The boards we supply are tested in conjunction with our render and fixings by independent labs, to check for bond strength, water penetration, freeze thaw resistance and many other aspects.

Masonry walls and timber frame can both be insulated with woodfibre. Masonry is covered by our agrement certificate from the BBA.

There are a large range of different boards available on the market, in different sizes, densities, thermal conductivites, formats (tonue and groove or square edge), so please contact our technical team to discuss which will be most suitable for your project. We supply a complete package of boards, adhesive, fixings, render and a choice of finishes matched to your building, along with the required design information to install it safely.

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Tongue and Groove Boards

Thickness Dimensions K Value W/(mK)
40mm 1325mm x 600mm 0.043
60mm 1325mm x 600mm 0.043
80mm 1325mm x 600mm 0.040
100mm 1325mm x 600mm 0.040
120mm 1325mm x 600mm 0.040
140mm 1325mm x 600mm 0.040
160mm 1325mm x 600mm 0.040
180mm 1325mm x 600mm 0.040
200mm 1325mm x 600mm 0.040


Square Edge Boards, low density for improved thermal conductivity*

Thickness Dimensions K Value W/(mK)
100mm 1200mm x 400mm 0.037
120mm 1200mm x 400mm 0.037
140mm 1200mm x 400mm 0.037
160mm 1200mm x 400mm 0.037
180mm 1200mm x 400mm 0.037
200mm 1200mm x 400mm 0.037
220mm 1200mm x 400mm 0.037
240mm 1200mm x 400mm 0.037

*Low density boards are not covered by our BBA