Quality lime mortars

The production of lime mortars by Lime Green is carried out under a quality controlled system which is ISO 90001 certified.

The careful manufacturing process uses procedures and controls that ensure product consistency, using our up to date test apparatus we check that each lime mortar batch is made correctly and run long term tests to evaluate product performance.

All our products undergo extensive formulation research and testing before they are made available, they are tested to the relevant British and European standards where applicable. Sometimes lime mortars and plasters may not fit in with these standards as they are principally written for cement based mortars, however we still test and evaluate each product.

Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions.

CE Marking

Our products are fully tested, those that are covered by harmonised European standards have a Declaration of Performance. Please click on the link below for the relevant sheets.

CE Marking >


ISO 9001

To download our certification document please click on the link below.

ISO9001 Certificate >